Honoring our veterans

This Veterans Day, we would like to thank the many veterans we have working here at Curbell for their service and sacrifices. Below are a few of their stories.


Shawn Heeter

Director of Manufacturing, Curbell Medical Products, Inc. Captain, US Army Reserve

Enlisted in the USAR in 1987 · Basic Training in Ft. Jackson SC · Assigned to 98th Div HQ in Buffalo, NY · Infantry training at Ft Devins MA · Recommended to Officer Training in 1990 · Attended Empire State     Military Academy (NY National Guard) · Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant , Adjutant General Corps · Attended Officer Advanced training, Combat Engineers Ft. Leonard Wood, MO · Assigned to 378th Engineer Battalion, Ft. Thomas KY · Participated to relief efforts in Caribbean after Hurricane Andrew 1993 · Participated with Joint Task Force 6, Counterdrug operations, Honduras 1995 · Assigned as ROTC instructor, Niagara University 1996


Freddy Santiago Jr.

Warehouse Supervisor, Curbell Plastics, Inc. Sergeant, United States Marine Corps Grade E-5

I left to the United States Marine Corps 1 year after graduating High School. I had basic training in Jacksonville, NC and was a 3051 (Warehouseman). I was sent to Iraq for my first tour directly after supply school in North Carolina. My first tour ran for 9 months and I worked in Logistics and Supply, supplying gear and anything they needed to the front lines. After my first tour I was then stationed in Okinawa, Japan. What a culture shock that was!!! After spending 2 years in Japan, I extended my ACTIVE DUTY contract to volunteer for a 2nd tour in Iraq. I spent 8 months on my 2nd tour as a .50 Caliber Machine Gun operator performing convoys all over Iraq. I received my HONORABLE DISCHARGE August of 2006. Joining the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS was the best decision I’ve made in my life. It was definitely tough being away from family and missing holidays but well worth the experience. Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow servicemen and women that served before me, with me and after me. SEMPER FIDELIS.


Gerard Dixon

Credit & Cash Analyst, Curbell, Inc. Drill Sergeant, Army

Joined in 2008 then went to Iraq in 2010 to do personal security details in Baghdad for one year and received the Joint Service Accommodation Medal. Then went to Drill Sergeant school in 2013. Now a drill sergeant in the Army Reserves out of Amherst, NY.