Attea, Andy

Andy Attea, Webmaster for Curbell, Inc., received a Values in Action Award for his exemplary demonstration of the Curbell Values and Behavior Codes.

Jean Rahuba’s Nomination Story-

Over the years, Andy has been a go-to person any time Curbell Medical has needed help interpreting communication from a Spanish-speaking customer. Recently, people from Puerto Rico proactively reach out to him for assistance. I imagine it is easier for them to describe a problem in their native language and Andy has graciously engaged with these folks.  Back in April 2016, he went back and forth multiple times to help a customer troubleshoot the reason behind difficulty he experienced when trying to properly program the new television. He bought the televisions from one of our National Account Resellers, Kingston (here in the US), and didn’t understand how to set them up and wire the walls. Without Andy, this customer would still be in the dark. The more impressive part is that Andy, himself, does not possess first-hand technical knowledge of our product, yet he immersed himself to learn it and best communicate a resolution. He’s always willing to lend us a hand. Additionally,  he recently received an email from another customer looking to place an order. He made sure he informed the right people here, at Curbell, and reassured the customer someone would be in touch shortly to provide support. While these activities do not serve Andy directly in his everyday role, his assistance has a positive impact on the overall health of the business.

Thank you for your above and beyond contribution!