Curbell in the Community

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Curbell is committed to giving back to the communities that we serve. One way we do so is by partnering with students at local colleges and universities on a variety of business initiatives. These initiatives support our business goals while providing students with hands on learning experiences. Throughout the years, Curbell Medical has worked with engineering students at the University of Buffalo on a number of core projects. Two of these projects are featured in the article published on UB’s Campus News Site. We are proud to have a strong partnership with UB and we look forward to continued collaboration in the years to...

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Values in Action – Congratulations to Gerry Duma!

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Gerry Duma, Sr. Outside Sales Representative for Curbell Plastics, Inc., received a Values in Action Award for his exemplary demonstration of the Curbell Values and Behavior Codes. On top of his great selling efforts, Gerry excels in LEARNING by participating in Train the Trainer for Plastics. He is always willing to spend time training new Outside Sales employees. But what is amazing is how Gerry continues to check in on his trainees after his portion of the training is completed – he has truly become a mentor to his trainees. Gerry helps reinforce the Outside Sales BBP’s during AND after the training. As far as a positive ambassador for Curbell in the field, you couldn’t ask for a better representative of the company. Gerry exudes Integrity, Respect, and Learning in every way! John Gregory Gerry went above and beyond during the PSP ride along calls. It was clear that he made a very strong effort to make sure that the calls we were going on were a good learning. One thing that consistently stood out during every call was the relationship that Gerry had built with his customers; it was almost as if every customer was his best friend. Needless to say Gerry’s unique sales approach has really had a strong impact on the way I am currently forming my sales platform. To top everything else off Gerry has continued to reach out to myself on a weekly basis even with my recent move to Texas, to make sure I was becoming acclimated to my territory and to see if I had any questions, comments, or concerns with current customers or prospects. Andrew Lacey  Over my 4 years at Curbell there hasn’t been a better mentor in my eyes. Gerry has worked closely with me since my start. He has taught me so many things in the industry but also about life. Gerry isn’t just a great Curbell employee, he’s a great person who is passionate about his job and helping younger salesman like myself succeed. Seeing how passionate he is rubs off on you. It makes you want to make that 1 or 2 extra calls. Eric Mielcusny Gerry was and continues to be a huge help in my development with Curbell.  With his work ethic and positive attitude, he sets a great example for all sales representatives. Even in my first few months at Curbell, I was surprised to find Gerry reaching out to not only to check in on how my training was going, but also just to catch up or share a story from the road that he knew would make my day. Little things like this really made my transition to Curbell easy and...

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Last week, Curbell launched our new Leadership in Action Program. Employees from every company and a number of our branch locations traveled to headquarters to participate in the first session. Our vision for this program is to develop our future leaders with strong leadership skills, diverse perspectives, and leadership presence that exudes our Core Values. In turn, we believe this investment of leadership development will continue to be a differentiator for our organization and will position our company and future leaders for success. Here are some photos from the first...

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