“Sustainability, if applied correctly, not only conserves natural resources, but will reduce waste, consumption, and operating costs”
Thomas Leone, Chairman of the Board


These words from our Chairman’s environmental policy have driven our sustainability program and set in motion a process of continual improvement and environmental responsibility. Virtually every employee in every segment of our business has played a role as we have dedicated resources to improvements in manufacturing, distribution, facilities, and office operations. Difficult at first because of our small size, we have used innovative methods to overcome volume obstacles, and as a result, realize a beneficial return on our recyclables, waste reduction efforts, and business partnerships.

Every year, targeted projects, often originating from our employee suggestion program, improve our environmental footprint. We are now recognized as a leader in environmental best practices within our industries and many of the communities in which we operate.

Of our many achievements, one we’re particularly proud of is our zero landfill status at our two facilities in Orchard Park, NY. This means that no waste ends up in a landfill. But what we’re most proud of is the overall effect our program has had on the environment. Since 2008, Curbell has recycled 585.8 tons of waste. Striving for balance between meeting the needs of today while protecting our natural capital for long-term prosperity, Curbell continues to search for ways to improve and has engaged business partners, utility companies, and local governments in sharing ideas and strategies in the quest for environmental and business sustainability.